SNES Mods and Romhacks Collection

The Super NES library have many great titles we all love and know… and we played them to death. What if these old gems could receive updates or DLCs like modern games do?

Enter the SNES modding scene, also called Romhacks. Some fans found ways to modify such console games, comparable to the Skyrim Mods on your PC. These so called Romhacks can be brand new worlds, stories, graphics, abilities, bug fixes and you name it, everything else. And yes, Romhacks are free in terms of price.

My favorite console of all time is the SNES and therefore this article will focus on this platform only. I have gone through a ton of pages and sites to find the best projects out there and to create this little compilation. Its a curated list and many good games did not make into it, so don’t be angry at me if your favorite title is not found in it. I hope you will find something new in this article and try them out. Enjoy your gaming and stay awesome!

Following topics are covered:

  • How to play a Romhack
  • Archive – A snapshot of all discussed Romhacks
  • 50 Romhacks of Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Zelda – ALttP, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 4–6, Earthbound, various other games
  • 10 Randomizers in Local and Web App format

Important: I do not link to or offer Rom files for download. Please do not ask me about Roms.

How to play a Romhack

Usually Romhacks are provided as patch files. These files contain the differences to the original game only and need to be merged, as they are not standalone playable. Essentially they are updates and have to be applied to the original unaltered ROM with the help of special applications. The process is simple and easy.

Most common patch file formats are .bps and .ips. My favorite tool for that task is Flips (Floating IPS), with support for Linux and it can handle both formats. Lunar IPS is another very popular application, but not available outside Windows and only supports the .ips format. In either way, running the app will get you a simple GUI. For now we are interested into the buttons „Apply IPS Patch“ or „Apply Patch“. In case of Flips, the first step is to pick the downloaded .ips or .bps file, then select the original unaltered game ROM and in the last step enter a filename. Finally a new ROM file will be generated, hopefully ready to play.

The website where you got the romhack will tell you which ROM you need. A quick look to the filenames is often enough to tell, like „Super Metroid (JU) [!].smc“. To be 100%, you should compare the checksum of your file against the provided information on the webpage. Checksums are like fingerprints, regardless of their filenames. And a final note to Linux users: Make sure to change the .IPS and .BPS file endings to lower case .ips and .bps, otherwise they might not be seen by the apps.

The reason why the creators are doing it in this particular way is, because they are not allowed to distribute copyrighted material without permission. Those patches do not contain any copyrighted material and therefore are legally allowed to share them. We have to deal with this inconvenience, but at least the files are small and easy to work with.

Archive – A snapshot of all discussed Romhacks

I have collected almost all romhacks, samples and tools described in this article into a single downloadable package, including PDF conversion from the webpages or download sites of the source material. This is for archival reason and serves as a backup. Some projects are still under heavy development, so I recommend you to check their websites for any possible new version.

Note: No Roms included, only patch files, documents and (a few) applications.

🎁 Download all Romhacks in a single package (~67 MB)

Alternative download source:

50 Romhacks

Mods and Romhacks

Romhacks are modifications of existing games. These are made by fans and hobbyists to bring new life into old games, in example in form of new levels, maps, graphics, characters, gameplay mechanics and much more. To be on the legal side, only patch files are provided. In order to play them, you have to know how to patch.

Super Mario World

The following list does not contain any of the Kaizo type impossible games, with the exception of one. It is not my kind of gameplay, but a lot of people do actually enjoy them.

2 Player Co-op Quest 2

2014 cyphermur9t
Based on Super Mario World

One player controls Mario and second player the enemies, where they try to kill or help Mario. Important: I think the 2 player mode requires ZSNES 1.42.

7th AVLDC Collab Hack 2014

2014 SMW Central
Based on Super Mario World

A community collaboration, where each level was created by a different user. All 86 levels can be played in any order.


2013 Golden Yoshi
Based on Super Mario World

A well balanced 9 exits short game. Each new level is unique and introduces interesting gimmics.

Kaizo Mario World

2007 T. Takemoto
Based on Super Mario World

The one and only legendary Kaizo game, that started all those impossible, sadistic and unfair level design. For experts only. You have been warned.

Karoshi Mario

2015 HuFlungDu
Based on Super Mario World

More puzzle oriented. Try to find a way to kill yourself in order to make progress.

Mario is Missing! Done Right

2017 Gamma V
Based on Super Mario World

Another great traditional styled romhack with polished level design and top notch graphics.

Return to Dinosaur Land

2006 RAGB
Based on Super Mario World

An old classic. No graphics or music was changed, only the level design in the vein of the original game.

Sicari Remastered

2018 Eevee
Based on Super Mario World

Beautiful looking complete redesign with new abilities and a focus on story and characters.

Super Mario Logic

2016 Final Theory
Based on Super Mario World

A very unique romhack for SMW. Each level is a single screen puzzle with clever ideas.


2016 Medic, Torchkas, underway
Based on Super Mario World

A story driven, atmospheric horror game in the creepy pasta genre. Changes the game completely.

Super Metroid

Ancient Chozo

2018 Albert V.
Based on Super Metroid

Map based on the original game, but a lot of new stuff and stunning visuals are added.

Arcade:Endless Mode

2017 Lioran, Tewtal
Based on Super Metroid

An arcade like linear progress with random rooms and high scores. Even a time attack mode is available.


2019 Benox50
Based on Super Metroid

A beautiful complete redesign in map and graphics with new mechanics and a focus on puzzles.


2013 Grime
Based on Super Metroid

A unique type where Samus is in ball form all the time and with very linear level design.

Hyper Metroid

2015 RealRed
Based on Super Metroid

Complete overhaul of the game with a new weapon system. Maps are open ended and focus is on exploration.

Redesign: Axeil Edition

2015 Drewseph
Based on Super Metroid

Complete overhaul of the game and a refined version of the grandfather of SM mods. Only for experienced players.

Zelda – ALttP

Conker’s High Rule Tail

2017 SePH
Based on Zelda – A Link To The Past

A complete overhaul of the main game, which now serves as a unofficial sequel to Conker’s Bad Fur Day.


2018 PuzzleDude
Based on Zelda – A Link To The Past

One giant dungeon without story and only focus on puzzle solving on each screen.

Fourth Quest

2015 Con
Based on BS Zelda no Densetsu: Map 2

Combines the Satellaview braodcasted episodes and transform them together in one single regular experience and translates to English.

Parallel Remodel

2012 Euclid, PuzzleDude, SePH
Based on Zelda – A Link To The Past

A rework of a legendary classic hack called Parallel Worlds, to polish things up and make it easier.

Chrono Trigger

Make sure to checkout this article too: What to do after Chrono Trigger?

Flames of Eternity

2014 Giro / Kajar Laboratories
Based on Chrono Trigger
No Download available

Based on the infamous Crimson Echoes, the greatest CT romhack. Over 30 hrs high quality playtime and every detail authentic as possible, acting between Trigger and Cross.

Level Zero

2006 Maelstrom
Based on Chrono Trigger

Removes the leveling concept and balances out all effected stats. Otherwise, its the exact same game.

Prophet’s Guile

2007 Kajar Laboratories
Based on Chrono Trigger

2 chapters short side story playing only Magus, after the castle act in the main game.

Schala Edition

2019 Fauntleroy
Based on Chrono Trigger

Main game intact, but changes events and script faithfully so that Schala is rescued. Also adds a lot of other stuff like enemies, dungeons and items.

Final Fantasy

Brave New World

2013 BTB, Synchysi
Based on Final Fantasy 6 (us:3)

A complete overhaul and rebalancing, including stats, AI and the whole Esper system, while leaving the main story intact.

Return of the Dark Sorcerer

2017 Mike Ferrell
Based on Final Fantasy 6 (us:3)

Same story, but new maps, events, characters and graphics as well as music are added and a ton of tweaks.

Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition

2020 Rodimus Primal
Based on Final Fantasy 6 (us:3)

A new localization or translation script to all dialogues, names and text in general, plus uncut graphics. No changes to gameplay.


2020 8-bit fan
Based on Final Fantasy 4 (us:2)

Keeps the main story and events intact, but improves, revamps existing and adds ton of content. New items, weapons, maps, bosses and much more.

Unprecedented Crisis

2015 Pinkpuff
Based on Final Fantasy 4 (us:2)

Complete new story, events and quests, but only after a specific point in game. Level design and stats got shaked up too and after some time the game structure gets non linear.

Void Divergence

Based on Final Fantasy 5 (us:-)

Reimagination of the same game by rebalancing stats, adding new content like jobs and other stuff. Even a New Game+ and difficulty selection are available.



2007 Michael Iantorno
Based on Earthbound

Complete unique game, where virtual glitches are part of the core gameplay in the non-linear world. Its more about reading and exploring, no fighting.

MaternalBound Redux

2019 ShadowOne333
Based on Earthbound

Polished version of MaternalBound, which aims to uncensor all text and graphics to match original Mother 2 and adds other improvments.

Quest of Hat

2005 Mr. Tenda
Based on Earthbound

New mini story serves as a sequel to Earthbound. Puzzles are designed in the mind of old-school like click adventures.

Radiation’s Halloween Hack

2009 Toby “Radiation” Fox
Based on Earthbound

An advanced and complete crazy mod by the Undertale developer, with the same style and humor. Story and atmosphere are very dark and disturbing.

Other Games

Brigand Barrage

2013 Mattrizzle
Based on Donkey Kong Country 2

Turns it into a boss rush mode with several options and highscore saving.

Contra III Slowdown Removal

2019 Vitor Vilela
Based on Contra 3: The Alien Wars

Removes all the slodowns and improves loading times with the help of SA-1 Root. Scores and settings are saved too.

Controller Hack

2013 KingMike’s Translations
Based on Mario & Wario

Makes the game playable with a standard controller, as the original requires a mouse.

Grump’s Dream Course

2016 MowseChao
Based on Kirby’s Dream Course

A pack of over 150 new high quality levels created from scratch.

Hyper Street Kart

2016 The Real Phoenix / Ten Shu
Based on Super Mario Kart

Characters and items replaced to Street Fighter 2 theme. Also includes new and modified tracks.

Kremling’s Revenge Remodel

2017 L_Sky
Based on Donkey Kong Country

Level design of all stages are edited, plus some new graphics added.

NBA Jam 2K20 – Tournament Edition

2019 eskayelle
Based on NBA Jam: Tournament Edition

Updates the roster of players with new stats, images and a few sound clips and does bug fixes too.


2011 Nytelyte
Based on F-Zero

Replaces the tracks with all new well thought out tracks, plain and simple.

Other Castle

2017 bogaabogaa / RedGuy
Based on Super Castlevania 4

All levels are redesigned in a challenging way, a bit harder than the original game.

SA-1 Root: Gradius III

2019 VitorVilela7
Based on Gradius 3

Reduces the terrible slowdowns, lag and loading times drastically and makes the game enjoyable.


2008 Golden Yoshi
Based on Yoshi’s Island

50 new designed levels and a new game mode Pit of 50 Trials inspired by Paper Mario.

SOM: Relocalized

2019 Timbo, FuSoYa’s Niche
Based on Secret of Mana

Main game stays intact. Focus is on uncensoring and relocalization of graphics, gameplay and all kind of text.

Super Arthur

2018 Lufia
Based on Super Ghouls’n Ghosts

Adds a few quality of life improvements like ability to switch weapon with L&R, which turns the game easy.

The Gauntlet

2020 BillyTime! Games
Based on Addams Family Values

Changes the game to a single massive dungeon challenge with only limited health and items available.

ZAMN – The Sequel

2017 Drote
Based on Zombies Ate My Neighbor

Completely new levels from scratch, some new and rebalanced items and a few other things.

Zero Project

2020 Justin3009
Based on Mega Man X3

Makes Zero fully playable and a ton other changes, including a save function and little bit slowdown reduction.

10 Randomizers


Randomizers are tools to automatically generate modified versions of roms, essentially creating personalized romhacks with randomized elements. They often offer multiple settings and some even go beyond the basic idea and create whole new game modes. I tested them under Linux (Ubuntu) natively or through WINE. The web apps are universal websites and can be used without downloading a program. In addition example patch files are provided by me, in case the tools aren’t available in the future.

Randomizers: Local Apps

DKC Entrance Randomizer

2019 RainbowSprinklez
Based on Donkey Kong Country
Sample Patch

Removes the world map and randomizes each exit point of a level and offers a few extra fun settings.

MMX Randomizer

2016–2018 TokyoScarab
Based on Mega Man X
Sample Patch

Offers a variety of creative settings to change or randomize, applying colors or changing the controls.

SOM Randomizer

2016–2020 Mopleton
Based on Secret of Mana
Sample Patch

Can randomize elements from normal game or create other game modes like Ancient Cave, Open World or Boss Rush.

Randomizers: Web Apps

ALttP: Randomizer

2019–2020 Veetorp, Karkat, ChristosOwen, Smallhacker, Dessyreqt
Based on Zelda ‐ A Link To The Past
Sample Patch

Randomizes the placement of all items and offers many settings, like the main goal or transform into an open world or other important configurations.

Earthbound Randomizer

2018–2020 stochaztic
Based on Earthbound
Sample Patch

You can decide what to randomize, stats, graphics, dialogues and more. Ancient Cave and Open World modes are also available.

Free Enterprise

2018–2020 b0ardface, riversmccown, SchalaKitty
Based on Final Fantasy 4 (us:2)
Sample Patch

Converts the whole game to an open world and offers ton of detailed options to randomize further, like items, characters, shops and more.

SM Item Randomizer

2017–2019 tewtal
Based on Super Metroid
Sample Patch

Randomizes position of all items. Besides difficulty, no other settings are available.

SMRPG Open World Randomizer

Based on Super Mario RPG
Sample Patch

Converts the game to an open world style from the beginning and offers a lot of customizations to what should be shuffled.

SM + Zelda Crossover Randomizer

Based on Super Metroid + Zelda ‐ A Link To The Past
No Sample Patch

Combines both games into a single game, randomizes all items and creates portals from one game to another. A few options are available.

Varia Randomizer

2018–2020 theonlydude
Based on Super Metroid
Sample Patch

Mainly an item randomizer, with very extensive and detailed customization and options to adjust.

Still here?

For sure, there are a lot more good projects that I left out, for one or another reason. And there are so many more simple hacks with simple effects, but giving a new little twist or just eliminating something annoying. I even did not touch the topic of Japanese to English translations and didn’t talk about systems other than SNES! And homebrew games from scratch! The bigger communities are still very active, so check them out for updates or new mods. If you didn’t gone crazy yet, then have a look at the following sites:

  • The mother of all romhack websites. A general purpose romhacking site that includes mods, translations, homebrew, learning material, utilites and everything you need to breath. A fantastic big community and good starting point for everyone interested in that topic.
  • SMW Central: A big community mainly specialized to Super Mario World romhacks of any kind. Besides its big database of mods, also tools and learning material are provided as well. Super Mario 64 and Yoshi’s Island hacks are also available.
  • Metroid Construction: Similar to the previously mentioned sites, but dedicated to all Metroid games, including the newer ones. The mods are also categorized in multiple ways, resources for your own creations are available and so on.
  • Hack: A Mother/Earthbound series dedicated community. The link goes directly to the Earthbound hacks page.
  • Aeon Genesis: A group of talented people doing highest possible quality translations from Japanese to English.
  • Universal Pokemon Game Randomizer: As the name implies, its a webpage and tool that can create new randomized versions of most Pokemon games. Not a SNES related thing, but I thought its cool to share.
Best Super Nintendo ROMhacks, Part 1 – SNESdrunk
Best Super Nintendo Improvement Patches, Part 1 – SNESdrunk
Useful ROM Hacks for Retro Games – Restorations, Fan Translations, Colorizations / MY LIFE IN GAMING

Okay, now its enough.

Leave us. The dog eats strangers…

Shadow, Final Fantasy 6



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