NES Mods and Romhacks Collection

Ah yes the NES, home and birth place for some of the greatest videogame franchises of all time. What would it be like to receive updates and new content on these old systems?

I have visited ton of project pages on and collected more than 100 patches for archival reasons. About half of them are curated and presented on this article. You can download the entire package in one go from the snapshot section. I recommend visiting the project pages nonetheless, because some of them get updates themselves. If you are new to this topic, I’ll also show you how to patch the games yourself.

Important: I do not link to or offer Rom files for download. Please do not ask me about Roms.

55 Romhacks

Clever programmers and game designers have the ability to manipulate old games from the 80s and 90s. These specialized modders are called romhackers. They can fix bugs, make complex level design changes, add new abilities, enhance graphics, change text and so much more. And the community around the NES console is huge. Some even create full on new games with the engine of an existing game.

I worked my way downwards beginning from the latest entries of NES mods in Those which piqued my interest are listed here. Hope you enjoy.


Extra Mario Bros.

Hack of Super Mario Bros.

2005, 2022 ATA

An older but unusual gameplay style for this classic Mario game. The hack is inspired by Metroid with an exploration and puzzle solving progress.

Mario’s Moonlight Adventure

Hack of Super Mario Bros.

2017 teeporage777

Full on traditional 6 worlds mod with new graphics and challenging, but not unfair level structures. It even includes new enemies.

Super Mario Bros. – Two Players Hack

Hack of Super Mario Bros.

2018, 2019 Corpse Grinder

One of the best Romhacks of all time for this game. It simply makes it possible to play with 2 players simultaneously. Everything else is intact and the same.

Giant Mario Bros.

Hack of Super Mario Bros.

2021 N·K

A simple and super fun idea. Play as a giant Mario (or Luigi) the same levels as the original game. This “little” twist is such a fresh breath of air.

Bob-Omb Mario

Hack of Super Mario Bros.

2022 NesDraug

A new power up mechanic, where the fireball will break walls. The stages are completely redone with the new power up in mind.

Teenage Super Ninja Plumbers

Hack of Super Mario Bros.

2022 NesDraug

Very strange Ninja Turtles themed hack with entirely new levels and graphics. Plays fast and fluid, just like a ninja. And the music is the icing on the cake.

Starlight Mario: Underworld

Hack of Super Mario Bros.

2022 TPWC Hacks

Complete new makeover with charming graphics and music. There are 12 levels with a structure and progress similar to vanilla game.

Super Mario Bros. Tweaked

Hack of Super Mario Bros.

2022 Ribiveer

This is more a collection of many small changes, bug fixes, improvements and little feature addons, while retaining the base game.

The Beatles Adventures in Pepperland

Hack of Super Mario Bros. 2

2021 NesDraug

Did you always wanted to play a Beatles game with the US SMB 2 engine? I know, me too. This tribute is a total conversion in graphics, music and level structure.

Mario Adventure

Hack of Super Mario Bros. 3

2004, 2022 DahrkDaiz

Legendary grandfather of all SMB 3 mods. It’s very old, but has ton of added features, including new abilities, new power up mechanics and random weather effects.

Super Mario Bros. 3Mix

Hack of Super Mario Bros. 3

2014, 2021 Southbird

Full new game with new abilities and levels, while attempting to stay true to the spirit of original gameplay structure. Also has collectibles and a save option.

Super Mario Ultimate

Hack of Super Mario Bros. 3

2018 Silas

Pretty unique difficulty selection, save option and lot of new enemies and stages awaits the player. In fact 90 newly designed levels.

Hack SMB3

Hack of Super Mario Bros. 3

2022 RussianManSMWC

A 8 stages short game, each with a unique and creative gimmick. This is mostly focused on game mechanics and level design. Very challenging without being Kaizo like.

Mega Man

Rockman No Constancy

Hack of Mega Man 2

2019 IKA

Complete redesign of the game, with new weapons, graphics, boss AI, music and more. Comes as Hard and Normal patch. One of the community favorite.

Mega Man Wily’s Conquest 2 – Hyper Edition Turbo!

Hack of Mega Man 2

2022 DragonEye Studios, 8-bit fan, Hyper Megaman Z

Entire game is redesigned to be very fast paced and quick to play. Overall not very difficult, unlike most other Mega Man hacks.

Mega Man 2 Megamix

Hack of Mega Man 2

2021, 2022 SimplyDanny

Collection of multiple patches, with the goal of rebalancing and adding quality of life improvements, including a save function. Otherwise same levels as before.

Mega Man 3 Improvement

Hack of Mega Man 3

2022 kuja killer

Ton of small bug fixes and improvements without altering level structure or any major changes. Making this the definitive edition of the game.

Mega Man 4 Voyage

Hack of Mega Man 4

2019 DurfarC

One of the most complete reworks, where every little bit of the original is changed. Basically an entire new high quality game, that could have been released by Capcom.

Rockman 4: Minus Infinity

Hack of Mega Man 4

2016, 2020 Puresabe

Well balanced new stages with branching paths and hidden bosses. Does not have much new graphics, but everything else, plus an options menu.

Mega Man 5: Protoman Edition

Hack of Mega Man 5

2017 MetHy

Play as Protoman, with all his abilities from later games. Can be applied to original game. Also comes with a patch for new stages and balancing too.


Castlevania: Chorus of Mysteries

Hack of Castlevania

2007, 2022 Dr. Mario, Optomon

An old mod with some weakness, and at times very difficult. Still a good time to play with all new levels and graphics.

Castlevania: The Holy Relics

Hack of Castlevania

2017 Optomon

A well known masterpiece. Everything is new and at a very high quality standard. Good level design, but overall a very short but sweet.

Castlevania Red Stained

Hack of Castlevania

2022 H.L.Ash

Has an interesting coloring style like old horror movies in black and white. Comes as hard mode with new level design and the original variant.

Castlevania II English Re-translation (+Map)

Hack of Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest

2020, 2021 Bisqwit

Quality translation from Japanese to English. In addition lots of quality of life improvements were included, such as anytime battery save function and a map.

Castlevania 3: Improved Controls

Hack of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse

2017, 2018 NaOH

Makes modifications to the character controls to modernize them. Jump as long as A button is held down, control mid air jump and a few other tweaks.


Metroid – Rogue Dawn

Hack of Metroid

2017, 2022 snarfblam, Optomon, Grimlock

Complete new game with new graphics and map, telling the story before Zero Missions. Includes save function and a map.

Over the Moon

Hack of Metroid

2018 TestZero

Play an alien cow with a gun! A complete new game conversion, with new maps, graphics and balancing. Tries to avoid health grind and backtracking.

Metroid + Saving Unofficial Update

Hack of Metroid

2014, 2020 snarfblam, SimplyDanny

Based on a previous patch, which includes battery save and a map without altering the game design. Update comes with additional improvements and fixes.


Hack of Metroid

2022 P. Yoshi

Charming horror themed take on the Metroid formula. The atmosphere and music sticks out, together with the polished work on the level design.


Zelda Challenge: Outlands

Hack of The Legend of Zelda

2001, 2017 GameMakr24

One of the oldest and best Zelda mods. Overworld map and all dungeons are redesigned, while trying to capture the original game feeling.

Zelda III – The Wrath of Ganon

Hack of The Legend of Zelda

2020, 2022 RetroGamer76

Continue the story right after the ending of Zelda 2. All new dungeons and maps and overall a polished game. Gets difficult quite a lot later.

The Legend of Zelda – Perils of Darkness

Hack of The Legend of Zelda

2022 The3Dude

All new world maps and dungeons, with new regions and a complete make over for the graphics and sound. Got a difficulty selection as well.

The Legend of Zelda Redux

Hack of The Legend of Zelda

2022 ShadowOne333

Fixes lot of bugs, adds quality of life changes and rebalances little things without altering the maps and original game design. Comes with ton of optional patches too.


Hack of The Legend of Zelda

2021 MetalMachine

Every aspect of the game is changed with a horror theme to it, including a few new mechanics. It is very large and gets quiet difficult later.

The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Dungeon

Hack of The Legend of Zelda

2022 arnpoly

Turns the game into a giant rogue like game, with randomized rooms and enemies. Every playthrough is unique. Some items have new meaning in the dungeon.

Zelda 2 Redux

Hack of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

2021, 2022 ShadowOne333

Rebalances all stats, adds quality of life improvements such as manual save and many more details. Story and world design stays true to the original.

Zelda II – Amida’s Curse

Hack of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

2021, 2022 Ok Impala!

Complete new game with new world map, dungeons, graphics, music, story, features and more. Gives ability to save anywhere, eliminates grind and random encounters.


Super Mario Balloon

Hack of Balloon Fight

2014 Magnus Nilsson

Mainly a graphics uplift changing the game into Mario related theme. And also removes the annoying high pitched sound.

Crystalis QOL & Ungrind

Hack of Crystalis

2022 Mentil

Decreases the grind by giving more money and experience points. Rebalances game to be more fair and makes changes to get various quality of life improvements.

Double Dragon 2 – Forward Kick + Controller Fix

Hack of Double Dragon II: The Revenge

2020, 2021 Kaiser_Gun

Simple button layout change, so that punch and kick are on A and B. Kicks are hitting forward now.

DuckTales 2 – Two Players Hack

Hack of DuckTales 2

2014, 2017 Ti

Adds in a two player simultaneous mode. Alongside the main patch, it also fixes lot of bugs, improves performance and reduces slowdowns.

Excitebike w/ SRAM + MMC1 Mapper

Hack of Excitebike

2013, 2015 Morgan Johansson

Adds in the missing battery support for save and load function of the track editor.

Final Fantasy Ultra Champion Edition

Hack of Final Fantasy

2019 Robert August de Meijer

Makes ton of changes, adds stuff to it and rebalances without losing the identity of the game. Based on a previous patch, improving on it.

Final Fantasy III Maeson

Hack of Final Fantasy III

2022 Maeson

Complete overhaul of stats and progression. Comes with a few optional patches, such as lower difficulty. Can be applied to various translations.

Gyromite Special Edition

Hack of Gyromite

2014 the jabu

Simple fix to make the game playable with one standard controller.

Kid Icarus Randomizer

Hack of Kid Icarus

2022 Rumbleminze

Implements an ingame randomizer for screens, levels, enemies and items. Adds a few quality of life improvements as well, such as adjusted prices.

Kirby’s Halloween Adventure

Hack of Kirby’s Adventure

2021 Kirb-Star

Modifies the graphics to match Halloween related theme. All level layouts some bosses are changed as well.

Mother: 25th Anniversary Edition

Hack of Mother

2014 DragonDePlatino

Updates sprites and overworld graphics slightly, adjusted encounter rate and monster xp and more. Retranslates the text as well.


Hack of Ninja Gaiden

2019, 2020 Techmoon

Wanna play as Deadpool? Mod changes up about everything, stages, weapons, music, graphics (off course), adds in easter eggs and executes everything very well.

Ninja Gaiden Upgrade A

Hack of Ninja Gaiden

2022 magus

Adds in a level up system to acquire new techniques like a rpg. Has new jump mechanics, a few sprite adjustments and other little changes.

Evil Dead: Ash lives!

Hack of Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti

2020 Crying Onion

Graphics change to match the Evil Dead theme, with lot of cameos. Entire text is also modified to fit the characters and story.

Super Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition

Hack of Super Pitfall

2016, 2021 Nesrocks

Fixes many of the terrible issues from the original game. Changes all graphics and music, improves game controls, performance and certain game design details.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Return to New York

Hack of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

2022 guitarpalooz

Balances the Turtles a bit and gives them unique abilities as well. Almost all enemies and ingame text is updated. Adds save function and Turtles swap. Still very hard game.

Tiny Toon Adventures stage select hack

Hack of Tiny Toon Adventures


A very simple stage select mechanism.

Wrecking Two

Hack of Wrecking Crew

2018, 2022 Q____, puchiedarcy

Makes it a two player co-op game, plus redesigns all stages too with neat level design ideas.

Important: I do not link to or offer Rom files for download. Please do not ask me about Roms.

Archive – A snapshot of all discussed Romhacks


Inside this downloadable package are more than 100 romhacks for NES games in total collected. In addition to the patch files, each project contains the readme text (when available) and a copy of the project’s webpage without images. Plus every archive is already (partially) unpacked into a folder named “patch” for quick access.

Note: The download can get slow.

Update note after package upload: The patch “Legend of Banjo” for Zelda in the above archive package has a bug and cannot save progress. A new updated version with a fix of this game can be downloaded here:

How to play a Romhack

Romhacks (also known as mods) in the emulation scene are provided as patches. These files contain update information to the unaltered original game ROM to convert it into a standalone playable romhack game. This way the patch files stay small and can be distributed without the copyrighted ROM. The process to patch a game is simple and fast; provided the correct files and application are available.

In the bottom slideshow I will teach how to do that with an example and the Rom Patcher JS. You can use other programs instead too, in example my favorite patcher Flips (Floating IPS). The process is similar. (On below slideshow use left and right handles on the images to show next.)

  1. Download patch file from .
  2. Once in a while a CAPTCHA password needs to be entered.
  3. Now save the archive file, which contains the romhack patch.
  4. Unpack the archive file. Depending on the file format and the applications you have installed, this process can be different for you. For some file formats such as .7z or .rar you probably need a program for.
  5. Make notes about the filename and MD5 checksum of the unaltered ROM. There are different standards how to name these files. Even if the names are the same, the ROM file can be different. But that also means, if the filename are different, it can still be the same ROM file. This can get confusing very fast.
    That is why we have MD5 checksum. It is away to check if two files are identical, regardless of their filename.
  6. Now find the original unaltered ROM file in your “collection”. Note, that the names on this screenshot are totally different to what we noted previously, but it is the correct one.
  7. Open up the Rom Patcher JS (or any other tool that you prefer). Make sure it is NOT in “Creator mode”. We need to be in “Apply” mode.
  8. Select the files by clicking “Browse…” buttons or just drag and drop the files directly into the browser.
  9. Compare the MD5 checksums of the unaltered ROMs. In example in this case look in the patcher and on the place where you downloaded the ROM, or alternatively it is described in the readme.txt file that often comes with the patch archives.
  10. Click “Apply patch” and save the created romhack game. You can name the file whatever you want and it should run on most emulators.

Famous last words

There you have it, yet another collection of interesting mods from the community. It’s been a while since I did this last time. This article serve as a showcase and acts as preservation providing re-uploads on I hope you found something interesting today. Well, I will leave it here for now and wish you a good time. As always, have fun.


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