Hi, my name is Tuncay and I live in Germany. Video games are a big part of my life since my childhood, including the original Game Boy, Amiga 500 and so much more. That was a time period before the internet. Luckily I had some good friends and a brother to play games with. Fast forward, now not only that I’m a grown adult, the video game landscape changed a lot too. Nowadays play sessions are held mainly on my PC with Steam or some older systems through various emulation.

Tuncay D.

Fun fact

Tuncay is Turkish and is pronounced something like “Toon-jeye”, with a short “Toon”.

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Ultimately that is all about this little personal blog is, pc gaming, emulation and retro. From time to time I will talk about something that bothers me in the gaming landscape, make simple tutorials, do favorite lists, game recommendations or what else is in my mind. My main computer is used with a Linux based operating system, so a lot of my attention goes in that direction, but I play on Windows too.

This blog was mainly created, because I wanted to have a place for posting articles without technical restrictions and rules of a forum.