GAME Random Of the Week

Play and discuss a randomly chosen game.

What is this?

GAME ROW is a hommage to the MAME ROW from the official RetroPie forum. I always loved that section. Every week or later two weeks new set of games are chosen randomly. The participants would decide by vote which of these games to play for the rest of the week. What followed was sharing information, talking about the game and try to beat highscores. And we always discovered something new or visited games we knew, but newer tried before. It was a fun little event.

This section died off a little bit and I am also not an active RetroPie user anymore. I miss those days and at the same time always wished there was an equivalent for other systems than MAME. For that I created a very simple website which would choose one game per week and spit it out. That is all it does. There is no election and no manual work involved. And it includes several systems. The fun part is, that the output of the game information is available in two formats: html and pure text. The text variant is interesting, because this can be used in the commandline like any program would output a file content.

The idea is to couple it with a forum, in this case in Reddit, to allow people to talk about their findings or highscores. Obviously this has not the same big audience as RetroPie, but I liked the idea. Really, there isn’t much else to it. Just visit that page or check from commandline and look if you like the current game, come to the discussion platform at Reddit and post something about it.

Access through commandline

I have also created a little script for the Linux platform, to read a game or a sub-section in the commandline: Print current GAME ROW (script)

$ gamerow
GAME Random Of the Week 2022-35

$ gamerow nes
system: nes
week: 2022-35
rom_name: Gekikame Ninja Den (Japan).nes
region: Japan
genre: Platform
name: Gekikame Ninja Den (Japan)

$ gamerow nes rom_name
Gekikame Ninja Den (Japan).nes