Gamelist Addon

Project is discontinued and no longer in development.

Note: Python 3 and PyQt 5 are required.

What is this?

Gamelist Addon is a desktop app for adding new custom game entries into a gamelist.xml file. gamelists are database files containing all paths and meta information of games for your EmulationStation. Usually those files are created by some sort of scraper tools and manual editing is not required. However, there are cases when manually editing such files could be required. Editing such xml files in a text editor has some traps and is just a pain. This program will check for existing entries, so it does not collide and makes sure the output file format is right.

I started this project, because there is or was no application on Linux that fulfill my needs. And this is a good exercise to learn more about programming and the various aspects involved with creating and deploying an application.

dupeCheck = os.path.basename(current_path)
xml_gameFound = None
for item in file_xml_root.getiterator('game'):
    itemPath = item.find('path')

GNU / Linux

Download the Python build. You need Python 3 and PyQt 5 installed on your system to run the application. Source code is saved on Github and contains additional files and building scripts. There is also a standalone executable without these requirements for Linux, but it requires roughly 190 MB after unpacking (unlike the Python version which is under 1 MB). These packages are indicated by filename with Linux-64Bit in it.

Windows and Mac OSX

Currently only Linux is tested and supported. There are no standalone builds for Windows or Mac. The Make script from source code is designed around the tools and scripting capabilities in Linux. The main download do not need all these stuff and is a pure Python program. You need to install Python 3 and PyQt5 in order to use Gamelist Addon.


This application is very new and have only passed basic tests. Do not use it blindly in your productivity environment. I recommend you to make backups of your data. BTW, have a section to quickly compare two XML files; useful. If you want talk about the app or want to report a bug, leave me a message or visit the project’s thread in the RetroPie forum.